02 Apr 2021

Hello World!!!

Yay! This is my first project post! So lets talk projects.


This is my first project post of my site! I have not much to show or tell about at the moment. At the moment I am busy changing a very old site of mine that was on the internet to a more updated version; this one. The aim is to have a more representable site about me and what I am doint at the moment. This site was made using Jekyll and the Massively template. I tweaked it here and there, but I have to say, the process is quity pleasant. Before this, the websites that I have made were all static HTML/CSS/JS sites with little flexibility. Now with Jekyll I can easily make new posts and rebuild my changes easily into an updated static site.

In the past days I will update the pages and add some old projects and things I have done of which I think they are still interesting and relevant. After this I plan to also document some projects I am working in at the moment.

Upcomming Projects

Enconding Nature

Following Daniel Shiffman and the coding train i really like doing small visual coding experiments where I make cool visuals using nature inspired algorithms like the Reaction Diffusion algorithm. I am at the moment working on implementing it in THREE.js and WebGL such that simulations of this algorithm can be shown in the browser at a nice speed!

GAN experimenting

Following the Kaggle Project I am something of a painter myself and inerest in GAN literature like ProGAN/StyleGAN/MSG-GAN I am trying to train one myself and test out some cool interpolations visuals. Generative models are very tricky to train, but very fun to play with!