• 2019-Now

    Data Scientist - PTTRNS.AI

    At PTTRNS.AI I work on projects using deep learning. Projects include visual similarity and feature extraction of fashion items, visual reidentification of luggage and text entity matching.

  • 2018-2019

    Research Trainee - Tilburg University

    As a Trainee I worked on quantitative analysis of large amounts of citation in the field of psychology in the 20th century. The result of the research van be found in a scholarly paper published in the APA journal History of Psychology.

  • 2016

    Design Intern - BioArtLab

    At BioArtlab I worked in a multidisciplenary group of artists, biologists, scientists. Working both in a bio lab and development of art and products.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Tutor - Student Plus

    As a tutor at Student Plus, I tutored high school students in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.